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Glimpse: A Year on Hiatus

For those of you that are not aware, Glimpse Image Editor is an open source image editor based on the GNU Image Manipulation Program 2.10.18. The aim of the project was to provide a “remix” of an already good free software program that resolved a longstanding dispute about the “gimp” name, experimented with new ideas, … Continue reading Glimpse: A Year on Hiatus

Cloning with a NuXT

For years I have been gazing longingly at well-made YouTube videos about ’80s and ’90s IBM and Tandy machines, but because I live in the United Kingdom those computers are either near-impossible to find or ridiculously expensive. So when I saw this YouTube video from LGR about a modern day clone, and then discovered it … Continue reading Cloning with a NuXT

How to “Fork” Mastodon

Those of you posting on the fediverse may have noticed some grumbling recently about Gargron’s actions as the project’s “benevolent dictator for life”. The Florence project (previously known as “forktogether”) is drawing attention for trying to fork Mastodon and run it “more democratically”. But how would someone go about forking a free software project as … Continue reading How to “Fork” Mastodon

Eleven Things that Students Should Spend their Money on

I originally published this post on 31st March 2013, and then updated it for September 2018. BM I have just read a odd article in The Independent that suggests 11 things that students should buy. It provides suggestions such as “Fairtrade produce” and a “toastie press”. I’m assuming that the writer has either never actually … Continue reading Eleven Things that Students Should Spend their Money on

OpenBSD on an iBook G4

I’ve mentioned on social media and on the BTS podcast a few times that I wanted to try installing OpenBSD onto an old “snow white” iBook G4 I acquired last summer to see if I could make it a useful machine again in the year 2018. This particular eBay purchase came with a 14″ 1024×768 … Continue reading OpenBSD on an iBook G4

Farewell to Windows Vista

Windows Vista is approaching its “end of life” date and support is due to expire on Tuesday 11th April 2017. I think it’s fair to say this operating system divides opinion. Introduction I love Windows Vista. I think it’s great. But you do need some serious horsepower behind it, and my laptop doesn’t have it. … Continue reading Farewell to Windows Vista

My Vegan Month

In celebration of World Vegan Month in November 2017 I’ve challenged myself to go vegan for the entire month. For background, I have no experience of being vegetarian or vegan at all. This is something that I have thought about for a number of years, as I can see the case for it on anti-cruelty, … Continue reading My Vegan Month


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