How to “Fork” Mastodon

Those of you posting on the fediverse may have noticed some grumbling recently about Gargron's actions as the project's "benevolent dictator for life". The Florence project (previously known as "forktogether") is drawing attention for trying to fork Mastodon and run it "more democratically". But how would someone go about forking a free software project as … Continue reading How to “Fork” Mastodon

Eleven Things that Students Should Spend their Money on

I originally published this post on 31st March 2013, and then updated it for September 2018. BM I have just read a odd article in The Independent that suggests 11 things that students should buy. It provides suggestions such as "Fairtrade produce" and a "toastie press". I'm assuming that the writer has either never actually … Continue reading Eleven Things that Students Should Spend their Money on

My Journey in Code

This post was inspired by another one I stumbled across by chance during my normal internet activities. You can see the original here: 1. High School and Code Coding did not really happen during the early-to-mid '00s in British schools. When I was going through secondary school we were taught how to use Word … Continue reading My Journey in Code

Dell Latitude X200 Refurbish

I impulse bought a Dell Latitude X200 laptop from eBay, and you can see the full hardware specifications here: I decided to embark on this refurbishment project back in February 2017 when I spotted a great YouTube video about running modern software on Windows 98: Hardware Upgrades My first step was to swap … Continue reading Dell Latitude X200 Refurbish