Dell Latitude X200 Refurbish

I impulse bought a Dell Latitude X200 laptop from eBay, and you can see the full hardware specifications here: I decided to embark on this refurbishment project back in February 2017 when I spotted a great YouTube video about running modern software on Windows 98: Hardware Upgrades My first step was to swap … Continue reading Dell Latitude X200 Refurbish

Technology and Gaming: What to Expect from 2014

The original images for this article have been omitted as the copyright owners could not be determined. I can also only apologise for the awful jokes that I wrote in my early twenties! - Ed. Introduction As all avid blog readers know, pundits are notoriously terrible at predicting the future. As I clearly haven't achieved … Continue reading Technology and Gaming: What to Expect from 2014

Hands On with “Steam on Linux Beta”

FTL: Faster than Light runs just fine with Steam on Linux Beta There has been plenty of talk about Valve over the past few months, with many indicators that 2013 is going to be a big year for Linux gaming. Whether that is news about Ouya or Valve's new games console, we all have plenty to be excited about. … Continue reading Hands On with “Steam on Linux Beta”