Glimpse: A Year on Hiatus

This update was originally published in my gemlog on 2022-05-23: gemini:// If it looks a bit strange on first glance, that is because this post was written to follow conventions in the Gemini protocol, and then ported for the wider web in the WordPress WYSIWYG editor. Intro For those of you that are not aware, … Continue reading Glimpse: A Year on Hiatus

Dell Latitude X200 Refurbish

I impulse bought a Dell Latitude X200 laptop from eBay, and you can see the full hardware specifications here: I decided to embark on this refurbishment project back in February 2017 when I spotted a great YouTube video about running modern software on Windows 98: Hardware Upgrades My first step was to swap … Continue reading Dell Latitude X200 Refurbish

Windows Users Should Not be Banned from The Internet

This blog post was originally a rebuttal to a pair of blog posts (neither are still live) that suggested Windows users should be banned from the Internet. Publishing "hot takes" for boosted social media engagement was still quite a novel concept at the time. Ed. Recent articles in the tech world from sites like ComputerWorld … Continue reading Windows Users Should Not be Banned from The Internet